Sunday, February 13, 2011

Electric Cigarettes Warren

Smoking can be a very addicting and deadly habit. If you or someone you know smoke cigarettes, you know just how powerful that nicotine can be. I bet you have tried everything to stop smoking like patches and gum and you name it, you have tried it. Until now, there really hasn’t been an easy way for someone to quit smoking. A recent invention is revolutionizing the way people smoke.

The electronic cigarette is a relatively new invention that is spreading across the world like wildfire. It’s because the electronic cigarette (or electric or e-cigarette) is very similar to the function and taste of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The e-cigarette works in the same fashion as a regular cigarette except that it doesn’t need to be lit up and has no burning end.

The electronic cigarette is composed of 3 parts, the atomizer, the battery, and the nicotine cartridge. When a user inhales on the end of the electronic cigarette, the battery activates the atomizer. The atomizer then turns on and heats up the nicotine that is inside of the cartridge. The nicotine solution is made up of nicotine and propylene glycol, a substance that is commonly used in fog machines. The electronic cigarette works in a a fashion that is very similar to that of a fog machine.