Tuesday, December 21, 2010

E cigarettes Shop In Chicago

There are now a few main players in the eCig world but 2 stand out at this stage , here this is the promotion page for the Luci pen style electronic cigarette this links to their Promotion page use this at anytime to get their best deals page http://promo.MyLuci.com/a/discount-deal ( you can copy and paste this into a browser if it wont open from here).

The other company you see on this page that I have found to be professional with great support its the lookalike version from the video 3d presentaion above where no-one knows you even have an ecig , its www.smoke51.com these are popular because of price and speedy delivery and of course looks.

For real wholesale outlets online however there are not many options unless you have a min order of around 1000 units , and then you just have to be careful not to get ripped off mostly wholesale in chinna suppliy retail outlets in Us and UK for e-smoke’s there are many higher end models around the $500 mark also for people who have fallen madly in love with being able to smoke inside again. Honestly i think this is the main reason the eCig world is exploding the simple fact you don’t have to go out side to have a quick puff and you can even have a smoke in a movie !! This and the savings they provide are the reason tobacco companies are on high alert !

You can buy the vapor experience @ www.thevaporexperience.com