Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Yachting Company Wholesale Mens Cologne

Located in Marseilles, Illinois, about 80 miles South West of Chicago, Vintage Yachting Company has released a unique line of men’s cologne products. Jerry Frick of Marseilles, Illinois created the V.Y.C. product line. And Chief Perfumer, Jim Fuchs of Alpha Aromatics, a Pennsylvania based company, developed the fragrance. V.Y.C. cologne and after-shave balm may be purchased online for $ 49.00 and $ 39.00 USD respectively. A free sample of cologne may also be requested from the web site, however, a small shipping charge applies.

V.Y.C. will appeal to nautical enthusiasts with an appreciation for fine art. The carton and label depict a painting titled THE “J CLASS, by nautical scene artist Tim Thompson of The United Kingdom. According to Jerry Frick, The ompanies’ founder, “the concept of V.Y.C. was designed to capture the lifestyle of a gilded era, when yachtsmen sailed aboard strong sailing ships made of wood. These boats where grand in scale, fast before the wind and beautiful to behold”.

Vintage Yachting Company was founded to produce quality men’s personal care products. Additional products planned for future release include deodorant, shampoo and shower gel. Apparel and decor consumer products are also planned for future release. Click here for more info about wholesale mens cologne.