Friday, March 19, 2010

Girlfriend Getaway Travel

Boston: At Nine zero hotel, just off Boston offers a very famous girlfriend getaway package for the ladies. A night stay in an exotic guestroom is offered along with meals covered.

The Fort Worth package: The Dollar Tesoro hotel and Golf club decided to sell out an exclusive weekend trip to the ladies by the name of “The One’s for girls”. The package includes the most exciting card game sessions like Poker along with line dancing lessons. Mechanical riding at bull yard, ticket to the National museum is also included.

Let us talk about some Caribbean beach packages for girlfriend getaway travel. St. Lucia is known for the beautiful beaches and dramatic scenery and sightseeing. The Landing St.Lucia has a girlfriends getaway package that includes two bedroom suite, massage along with private cooking class. There is one hour sailing and boating lesson as well. It costs around 1000 dollars for 4 girls.

Barbados is one of those beaches that are very popular for games. Many of the sports players from all over the world come to Barbados to play cricket matches. The girlfriend getaways are also popular down there because there are packages that include yoga classes at the beach and exotic cultural experiences.