Monday, June 08, 2009

Health of Young Children 2-5

It is your responsibility to make your children eat almost each and every thing. Usually kids tend to get choosy at this age and may not eat several food items from several groups like grains or fruits. You can make these food items interesting by including creams and cheese with fruits and grains. Kids who have teeth like to chew food and sandwiches can be given to them in which you will find all the nutrients. Dieting is never recommended for children of 2-5 as it is the growing age and children need to develop strong bones, teeth and muscles.

After the food, the important concern is about the health and safety of children 2-5. All the parents have an idea that how active their child is. Children tend to fall on the floor, from their cots, from their beds and hurt themselves. It is very necessary to ensure that if the kids get injured or hurt somehow, then they need to be given immediate treatment like an ointment. Apart from accidents, toddlers are prone to diseases if they are not given proper vaccination during the initial years of their lives.

It is important to know that diseases like diarrhea, Cholera, diphtheria, cough, influenza are very common in little toddlers. To ensure that your child is safe and secure from these diseases, there are plenty of health care systems in many areas that are equipped with latest laboratories. Doctors and nurses are highly trained in these health care systems. If your child tends to develop symptoms of any of these diseases then immediately consult your doctor because the health of children 2-5 age group is very critical.

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Ricky said...

Very true, kids tend to get choosy that results to an improper and unbalanced diet. Here parents have a great responsibility to take care of their child diet. They should check whether their child is getting a complete proper diet. If not so, they should consider some multi-vitamins.

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